Rapid Response Enterprise Architecture (R2EA)TM Modeling

The result of 2½ years of Lean Six Sigma optimization to streamline the enterprise architecture (EA) development process, In2itive's Rapid Response Enterprise Architecture (R2EA) Modeling methodology was created to provide a comprehensive enterprise architecture modeling service that meets the most stringent quality control review. Our flagship commercial product offering, In2itive R2EAsults, reflects our primary goal in EA development: Demystify the complexity of EA modeling so that virtually any architect can model a comprehensive, integrated architecture that can pass any IV&V review. Through R2EA Modeling, In2itive offers the only technology that provides near real-time enterprise architecture modeling that automatically integrates related data as it becomes available. Recognized for its incredible simplicity, speed, power, and comprehensiveness, In2itive R2EAsults will be used as a learning acceleration tool by the FEAC Institute in its training courses, starting in Fall 2010.

The Power of In2itive

As OMB and GAO EA mandates and compliance requirements increase, along with the migration from DoDAF 1.5 to the new DoDAF 2.0, In2itive's Rapid Response Enterprise Architecture Modeling services are a must have. Research indicates that our unique EA capabilities are poised to meet the reality of diminishing EA budgets, while still providing responsive and actionable results. Using In2itive technology, an elite In2itive three-person team has demonstrated, in multiple cases, greater productivity than a team of 20 or more architects using the leading EA tools. Bottom line, we can do more with less.

Benefits of Using In2itive R2EAsultsTM

With In2itive R2EAsults, enterprise goals can be achieved by:
  • Increasing EA development 10 to 100 times faster than leading EA modeling tools
  • Enabling Enterprise Architects to eliminate manual EA product modeling by auto-generation of 100% DoDAF and JCIDS compliant artifacts
  • Enablement of near real-time responses to EA requirements and changing business needs
  • Drastically reducing EA decision support from months to hours, and in many cases minutes