Our Services

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

We provide industry recognized and innovative consulting and support to our clients, from small businesses to national security critical federal agencies. Our consultants hold enterprise architecture certifications through Carnegie Melon, The Federal Enterprise Architecture Consortium, and The Open Group. Our certified consults work with clients implementing end-to-end Enterprise Architecture capabilities that engage the business, create a robust Enterprise Architecture environment and focus on delivering actionable results. Our certified consultants brings an approach, experience, and expertise all to bear on quickly delivering Enterprise, Segment, or Solution Architectures tailored to our client needs.

Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturation

We help clients establish the ability to effectively manage their Enterprise Architecture development, maintenance, and use through implementing meaningful measures of their Enterprise Architecture in relation to industry standards. Our certified consultants use such measurements to permit our clients to assess progress toward their desired end and to take corrective action to address unacceptable deviations. We facilitate the development of a scale or metric for where the Enterprise Architecture is in its evolving discipline, and what steps are required to advance to the next level of maturity, whilst laying the foundations for future enterprise-wide initiatives.

Enterprise Architecture Governance Services

We help clients implement an Enterprise Architecture Board (EAB) Governance Process and Investment Review Process (IRP) to ensure that business and technology strategies, investments, and initiatives coalesce and remain aligned over time to meet mission priorities. Through the IRP, our experienced consultants integrate Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC), resource allocation, budgeting, acquisition, and management of both IT and non-IT investments to ensure scarce organizational resources are wisely invested, and requirements achieved. Through the EAB Governance Process, our experienced consultants support the definition of roles and responsibilities of those responsible for reviewing investments and making decisions to develop and maintain an Enterprise Architecture for the organization. We facilitate client EAB to conduct Milestone Decision Point (MDP) reviews of investment initiatives to help manage architectural alignment within the organization, and to serve as the conduit for receiving, analyzing, and disseminating information pertaining to architecture alignment in a systematic fashion.

Enterprise Architecture Assessment Services

Through our people, processes, and tools, In2itive provides the ability to assess the efficiency, effectiveness, maturity, and state of readiness of our client Enterprise Architecture Program. Such an assessment provides organization leadership an appraisal of the program's progress toward its desired end and the ability to take corrective actions to address unacceptable deviations. In2itive R2EAsults provides an un-matched comprehensive IV&V assessment of the IBM Rational System Architect encyclopedia for anomalies or integrity errors within the data. With In2itive R2EAsults immediate resolution of these anomalies and integrity errors are a click away.

Enterprise Architecture Technology Services

Our expert system integrators support clients by enhancing their decision making environment through the use of In2itive R2EAsults. In2itive R2EAsults enables you to rapidly model and visualize your enterprise and more importantly, conduct responsive analysis of it through the real-time understanding of the cause-effect relationship between business strategy, business processes and the systems and technology that support them. A rapid and responsive Enterprise Architecture is the foundation for true enterprise agility. In2itive R2EAsults is an innovative and industry leading Enterprise Architecture modeling tool for DoDAF based organizations that provide un-matched speed in enterprise modeling and responsiveness to stakeholder requirements. An end-to-end companion tool for IBM Rational System Architect w/ DoDAF ABM, In2itive R2EAsults acts as a "force multiplier" by accelerating your Enterprise Architecture deployment and analysis capabilities to maximize your return on investment, and achieve enterprise goals.