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How does a company excel? By creating an environment that brings out the best in its employees; an environment where people enjoy coming to work every day.

In2itive's success is founded and based upon its most valuable asset-the people who work here. We strive to infuse our culture and our company with the trust that makes people comfortable, and the integrity that serves as the backbone of our company along with the teamwork that makes every person an active participant in the company's future.

In2itive is committed to achieving success by embracing the principles embodied in its core values:

Leadership. First and foremost leadership is about providing a vision and establishing strategic direction. Our employees are proven leaders in their areas of expertise and have the ability to make those critical connections across disciplines necessary to achieve success.

Trust and Integrity. Our interactions are based upon candor, honesty, and respect for individual contributions. We are committed to earning the trust and confidence of our coworkers and customers.

Simplicity. We embrace the principal that everything should be as simple as possible. We maintain simplicity in our internal process and structures with objectivities that are succinct, quantitative, and time bound.

Teamwork and Synergy. We achieve synergy by recognizing the skills and ideas of all participants. Through collaboration, knowledge management, and the development of intellectual capital we strive for win/win solutions to issues and problems. Personal success is realized through team accomplishments.

Getting Things Done. The goal of our products and services-based organization is to provide demonstrable value to our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that enable success for our clients.


In2itive offers a competitive benefits program and recognizes that employee benefit programs are an important part of the total compensation package. Insurance Plans. In2itive offers medical, dental, vision, group term and supplemental life and accident insurance, short- and long-term disability programs. Some benefits are paid for entirely by In2itive. The cost of other programs may be covered by a combination of Company and employee pre-tax contributions.

Comprehensive Leave. Eligible In2itive employees accrue comprehensive leave each pay period. Comprehensive leave provides paid time off for vacation, personal business and short-term illness. In2itive employees have a mandatory two week vacation policy, to ensure time off and mental relaxation. Holidays. In2itive follows the government holiday schedule. Most employees are eligible for twelve holidays during the year. Holidays may vary based on contractual requirements. If an employee is required to work a holiday due to a contractual requirement, the holiday can be deferred and taken at a later time within the fiscal year.

Education Assistance. In2itive recognizes its employees are vital resources whose talents are critical to the success of the company. For employees pursuing educational advancement related to their current position, In2itive offers a Tuition Assistance Plan (TAP), which encourages self-improvement through formal education so that employees can improve or maintain job-related skills or enhance their ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs within In2itive.

Retirement Plans. Company-funded retirement benefits are offered to employees. Employees may need to satisfy certain service requirements to become participants and receive credit for vesting in these plans. Plan investments are administered by Vanguard and include a variety of mutual funds. Employees may also be eligible to defer a certain percentage of salary (subject to IRS limits) to the Company Retirement Plan. If you are eligible, the Company will make a matching contribution of $.50 for every dollar you defer, up to six percent. Salary deferrals are self-directed by participants into mutual funds.

Flexible Schedules. In2itive understands the need for a proper work-personal life balance and provides flexible work schedules whenever possible. We also encourage telecommuting wherever appropriate which decreases time spent commuting and increases time spent with family and friends.

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