About In2itive

In2itive is a Small Disadvantaged Minority-Owned Business that provides new and innovative enterprise architecture (EA) software and services specifically designed to deliver its customers un-matched EA capabilities. Our software and services has a proven track record of far exceeding our customer's expectations in realizing their EA goals and objectives.

In2itive is focused on agency cost savings by providing its leadership the ability to make informed and defensible decisions based on the enhanced knowledge of their enterprise.

In2itive's Vision

Since our establishment, In2itive has remained true to our vision: To be the enterprise architecture market leader that creates enduring customer relationships through second to none operational excellence, and second to none innovative products and services. We focus on delivering high-quality services that create value for our customers and our staff.

In2itive's Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality EA services and products to our customers and partners. In furthering our mission, we rely on five key tenets:
  • Focus on results that benefit the customer's mission
  • Work with our customers and staff to achieve win-win solutions
  • Be at the leading edge of customer's organizational transformation
  • Espouse the values of teamwork and integrity
  • Exemplify good corporate leadership and management throughout all levels of our company